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The Daily Krapht – Shawn Owen – “Make Money”

In the world of reggae music, much of it has a feel good vibe when it comes to the music, but the lyrics paint a different story. Historically, it has tackled social, political and financial injustices. Whether it was Marley, Tosh or any host of other artists over the years, the style of music has blended beautiful island rhythms with electrified lyrics to raise awareness and move people.

Shawn Owen is no exception to this idea as he goes after financial injustices in his song “Make Money.” When you listen to the music, the idea of one or fifteen rum punches sound wonderful. However, the lyrics will create a different response. The attached video is of him doing the tune solo acoustic, but he does travel with a full band. Check out his Facebook page or website for dates and go see him.

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